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Monkey in the Middle

Ok, you’ve just been in an accident that you were not at fault. Even though you could have your claim handled by the other person’s at fault insurance company you might want to have the claim handled by your own insurance carrier. Why?

Do you want to be monkey in the middle on matters pertaining to your car’s restoration? Are you knowledgeable and savvy to the tricks of the trade? Do you have the time? These only a few reasons to have your insurance company handle the collision repairs. Wouldn’t you rather have a 900 pound gorilla in your corner looking after your best interests!? This has no effect on your insurance rates and it’s one of the reasons you pay premiums. Let the pros at your insurance carrier handle it. At the end of the process, the at fault insurance company must reimburse your carrier through subrogation.

Once the collision damage is properly completed, then and only then do you file a Diminishment of Value (DOV) Claim. Your carrier will not handle DOV Claims for you. That’s where DVAC takes over and works with you to settle with the at fault insurance carrier. It pays to have a licensed and certified professional in your corner.

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