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Aasheesh U.

Richard recently assisted me from the "cradle to the grave" with a DV claim related to an auto accident that nearly destroyed the rear of my vehicle. Once the body work was successfully completed, he quickly generated a diminished value claim report that was forwarded to the Insurance company in question. While the company kept stonewalling for a long time, Richard and I diligently continued to pursue our claim - one step at a time. After a protracted back and forth, we finally received a very decent settlement close to 90% of the value claimed in our report. Richard is very knowledgeable about the process, extremely responsive and above all has the tenacity to take his clients through the end-game. I highly recommend him!

Richard P.

Honestly, I was VERY apprehensive about every one of the diminished value services I found on the web. After trading emails and a real telephone call with DVAC, I took a leap of faith. They led me through the relatively painless process. They prepared a very professional report that I used, with guidance from them, on a claim I had with an insurance company. This was done for a small fixed fee. With their report and advice, I was able to recover a few thousand dollars directly to me. This was in addition to the complete coverage of the repair costs of my vehicle. Obviously, every case is unique. Our vehicle was less than a year old, suffering over $10K in damage. DVAC commented that our case was a "poster child" of diminished value. The Carfax system knew of the damage to the VIN number before we got it back from the repair shop! We would likely have not received as many $ without the help of DVAC! Very satisfied. Note of advice: none of this is a speedy process, but DVAC was available to consult.

Christopher B.

Richard made sure to walk me through the whole process, see it through until the end, and make matters right with me. Customer sanctification was truly of the upmost level. If you've been in any type of accident, especially a no-fault, and think that you are worthy of diminished value compensation, it's a no-brainer to at least try, and your best bet in doing so is going with DVAC!

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