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2018 Subaru Forester Total Loss Case Study

A client totaled his 2018 Subaru Forester with 21k miles on the clock. His insurance company stated that the actual cash value was $19,760 according to the CCC Report that they used. Unfortunately, the client owed just north of $23,000 and he did not have Gap insurance. As is standard with DVAC Total Loss Settlements, we ran a thirty day national running value for identical vehicles sold in the USA based on mileage and VIN #. We also ran a CARFAX Total Loss analysis in the client’s local zip code. DVAC submitted our licensed Total Loss Report to our client and ultimately to the independent appraiser hired by the insurance company under the appraisal clause. Interestingly, we were only $150 apart and quickly settled at $23,750 plus state sales tax, tag and title fees. DVAC’s client came out over $4,000 ahead what was owed to the finance company. DVAC vs Insurance companies original settlement put an extra $5,000 by getting the correct Actual Cash Value (ACV) and related tax, title and tag fees for our client.

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