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Diminished Value; Do Your Homework

Ok, your vehicle has been damaged by an at fault insured driver. Once the at fault insurance company has accepted liability, you are ready to proceed. BTW, a deer running into your vehicle or other “acts of God” do not qualify for diminished value settlement. The key point here is that neither God nor the deer are insured.

Once liability is established, you will need to submit a licensed diminished value appraisal report. Do your homework; check Google Reviews and confirm appropriate license status. It is important to select an appraiser who is an objective 3rd party who’s number is consistent no matter who the client is. A screwed number will only land you in court or unnecessarily delay the settlement.

Once your report is submitted, it’s critical to have an appraiser who walks with you until the settlement is achieved. Without professional help, you will usually get nowhere fast. With proper assistance, you will achieve a correct settlement quickly and avoid court. It pays to have a licensed professional in your corner!

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