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Diminished Value *Market Fact vs. Opinion *

How many times have I heard insurance adjusters say: “ Diminished Value figures are just opinions, prove it!” Well, in fact, some appraisers reports are just that, opinions that are not market based. Is it any wonder that so many of these “opinion based” DOV reports end up in court, wasting so much time effort and money?

To address these issues, once DVAC calculates the DOV figure, we also run what is called a CARFAX MARKET Report. This is not a CARFAX ACCIDENT HISTORY Report that we are all familiar with. It’s a value of your actual vehicle within a 150 mile radius of your local zip code. It’s your actual VIN # based car value post accident. Assuming that CARFAX History is input correctly, CARFAX MARKET Reports provide an accurate after accident vehicle value. This is an effective tool to use when looking for market fact based value comparisons. All DVAC Diminished Value Reports include both of these CARFAX Reports. Market FACTS vs Feelings? You decide.

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