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Diminished Value: You Are Legally Entitled to it!

At fault insurance companies often make comical responses when it comes to Diminishment of Value (DOV) claims. I think my favorite is “you are a 3rd party so you can’t invoke the appraisal clause and compel us to settle your DOV claim”. This is after they have just paid for your damaged vehicle to be restored. Remember this one key point: insurance company adjusters are paid to protect the insurance company; not you. Unfortunately, many take at fault insurance company responses at face value. DON’T!

Often correct DOV settlements can be as much as the collision damage and in some cases more. In most states, DOV is something that you are legally entitled to! Unless you pursue DOV settlements within the statute of limitations timeframe (different for each state) you will suffer and learn the hard way when it’s time to trade or sell your car. It pays to hire a licensed professional who will walk with you until the correct DOV settlement is achieved.

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