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DOV Case study 07/26/21

A drunk; unlicensed and uninsured driver rear-ended this truck. She was towing her boyfriend’s boat on the interstate. The uninsured; at fault driver hit the boat so violently that it ended up in the bed of the young lady’s truck. This unfortunate incident caused extensive damage to the truck, boat and trailer. The trailer hitch ended up buried the truck’s rear axle. The boat, truck and trailer collision damage will be taken care of under her uninsured motorist coverage. Once repaired there will also be a Diminishment of Value (DOV) settlement on the truck and the boat.

The DOV settlement will also be covered under her policy’s uninsured motorist coverage. Thankfully my friend’s daughter only suffered minor injuries. The good news is that they have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage endorsement. Check your policy; be prepared for the unexpected. Call us and let a licensed/certified professional help sort it out.

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