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The owner of a 2017 Ford F-250 Lariat with crew cab and a diesel power plant had his truck hit and totaled by an at fault; insured driver. With only 61k miles on the clock, the truck was in pristine condition prior to the incident.

Additionally, the owner had over $5k of documented upgrades with receipts.

Our client retained DVAC at this juncture. The at fault insurance company continually refused to provide a correct and fair ACV settlement. The Appraisal Clause was immediately invoked by us. Negotiations with the insurance company’s 3rd party appraiser took less than five minutes.

DVAC ran a thirty day national record of all actual sales matching our client’s VIN #. Our vAuto Report provided all mainstream valuation services values in wholesale and retail. We then ran an NADA Retail Report in his local zip code that provided us with all retail; actual sales values for a 30 day running average within 150 radius of his home. DVAC’s Total Loss Settlement Reports are based on market facts; not opinions!

Ultimately our client was provided a correct ACV settlement that was $9500 more than originally offered by the at fault insurance carrier. As appropriate, correct tax tag and title fees were added to the settlement.

A civil suit was avoided and our client received his correct $64,500 settlement post haste. It pays to have a licensed professional in your corner!

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