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Exotic Car DOV Case Study

A customer with a 2018 Ferrari 488 GTB with 5,369 miles on the clock was hit by an at fault insured driver. The at fault insurance company covered $57,906.38 in collision damage restoration costs as required. When the vehicle owner inquired about a diminished value (DOV) settlement, he was met with delaying and stonewalling tactics by the at fault insurance company’s adjuster. The adjuster offered him $2000 to close the claim. The body shop referred him to DVAC. Once retained we provided a licensed DOV Appraisal Report and the appraisal clause was invoked. The at fault insurance company was required to hire an independent third party appraiser to settle with DVAC. We agreed that the correct DOV was $21,000. Payment was sent to our client post haste. A civil suit naming the insured; at fault driver was avoided. Though not your everyday car, no matter what the situation is, DVAC calculates the correct diminished value on any vehicle.

Do your homework; look at references; hire a licensed professional!

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