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October 25 ACV Case Study

Slip sliding away. A young woman was referred to DVAC by her auto body shop. An at fault insured driver hydroplaned on I-95, in a panic the other driver slammed the brakes halting to a stop from 70Mph. As a result the young lady swiped the other vehicle and then lost control, hitting a telephone pole. The 2021 Nissan Titan with only 8224 miles on the clock was totaled. The at fault insurance company offered an insulting $51,332.83 and wouldn’t budge. DVAC was retained to resolve and we immediately enacted the appraisal clause in her auto policy and we sent our independent valuation to the at fault insurance company‘s independent appraiser. Within minutes we agreed the truck was actually worth $60,400.58. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! The client received an additional $9067.75. It pays to have a licensed and bonded professional in your corner. Facts always prevail.

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