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Total Loss Case Studies

A total loss vehicle is when the cost of restoration is greater than 75% of the overall vehicle value. Once your vehicle reaches this point, it makes more sense to accept it as a total loss. Your insurance company has their idea of what your car is worth, and so do you. How do you know that you are being treated fairly?

Most insurance companies use in-house software that finds the lowest valuation on local comps for your vehicle. By doing this, they are able to calculate a lower valuation that they feel is satisfactory based on the market and the condition on your vehicle. It is no surprise that an owner often feels that the valuation is not adequate.

When you receive a written offer on your vehicle, it is worth a phone call to DVAC to ensure you are being offered an adequate settlement. Before generating a certified and licensed total loss appraisal, we first determine if the offer is too low and worth running a report.

If it is established that an appraisal is needed, we pull data from multiple valuation resources to determine the true value of your vehicle. Some of the resources include vAuto which provides values from Kelley Blue Book, R-Book, Black Book, MMR, NADA, and auction data in the USA. We also take a look at Carfax and factor in a well-maintained vehicle record. After appraisals are pulled on your VIN from the above stated resources, we then pull values of your vehicle in the location that you reside, allowing for an accurate look at the local market supply and demand. You are entitled to retail value on your car. You should never accept anything less that this because you cannot walk into a dealer with trade-in cash and expect to be able to afford the same car!

Our appraisals have helped many individuals over the years to recover thousands of dollars that were going to be left on the pavement with your car accident! See below some case studies from recent customers we helped:

A client had been hit by another driver while operating his 2012 Maserati GranTurismo S Convertible. Damage repair estimates totaled more than 75% of the car's value. The insurance company offered the client $42,723. The client did not feel that it was an adequate settlement and reached out to DVAC. We ran our appraisal and found that the vehicle was worth $48,000 plus tax, title and tag fees. He ended up utilizing our appraisal and the insurance company settled with him at $47,988. ✅

A client with a 2008 F-250 Super Duty was hit hard in the rear by another driver causing him to hit another vehicle. The truck was totaled and the insurance company only offered him $22,654 for his truck. We looked into his case and found that the true figure on his truck was $29,000. They were clearly off and he ended up settling with them at $27,500. He recovered almost $5,000 more than he initially was offered! ✅

This client had a heart-breaker with a low mileage Chevy Colorado Z71. It sustained a bent frame, multiple deployed airbags, and left-front damage. The insurance company totaled the truck and offered a written settlement of $27,277. DVAC was hired and ran the appraisal in his local zip code and found that the true figure should have been $31,325. They settled with our client at $31,000 and he was able to recover the additional $3,723 owed to him.

If we find that you are offered a fair settlement, we do not charge for an appraisal and advise to take the offer! It pays to hire a professional!

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