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Total Loss Vehicle "Act of God" Scenario

Hurricanes, tornados, flash floods, avalanches, wildfires, you know, garden variety acts of God. Do you know anyone who has hit a deer!? Acts of God can ruin your day; not to mention your automobile!

Let’s say that your vehicle is totaled in an act of God scenario, are you covered? The short answer is yes as long as your auto policy has full comprehensive coverage.

What do most people fail to do when their insurance company tenders a written Actual Cash Value (ACV) offer for a totaled vehicle? Most people fail to check if the insurance company offer is correct/fair. Unfortunately, your insurance company’s ACV settlement offer is often not accurate. If the settlement is correct we will advise you to accept the settlement and DVAC will not charge you. If on the other hand the ACV is incorrect, often off by thousands of dollars, and/or does not include accurate tax, tag and title fees, we can help. It pays to have a licensed and bonded objective third party adjuster review your total loss settlement.

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