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Vehicle Donation 
Tax Write-off

Protect your tax-deduction with a professional, independent appraisal. We'll help you ensure you are getting the tax compensation that you deserve.

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Considering donating a vehicle valued at or over $5,000?  Your vehicle will need an independent professional appraisal.

Vehicles valued at less than $5,000 do not require an appraisal, however it is always advised due to discrepancies or to avoid an audit.. 

DVAC provides you a professional appraisal of your automobile along with the necessary IRS forms.

Protect your tax-deduction with a professional, independent appraisal. Be sure you are getting the full tax advantage that you are entitled to.

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We’ll work diligently on your behalf to generate a fair vehicle appraisal and help you recoup the value of your automobile

Get A Diminished Value / Total Loss Claim Consultation from one of our Licensed Adjusters

Our Licensed Diminished Value Appraisers provide you with personalized up-to-date information regarding your diminished value claim. We will make sure you understand the procedure and what possible compensation is owed to you.


Your Personal Consultation will address the following:

– A comprehensive review of repair costs and estimates.

– An objective determination of whether your vehicle qualifies for diminished value or qualifies for a total loss settlement.

– An approximate range of compensation you may be paid for your loss.


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