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Total Loss Settlements -CCC- is it Accurate?

If your car was totaled in a collision, there's a good chance that the Insurance Company will use CCC Information Services to generate a valuation. They are usually way off the mark.

Heard of vAuto? It provides all major valuation services including: NADA, Kelly Blue Book, Black Book, MMR Auctions, Private Sales on a running thirty day average of actual sales matching your VIN.   Well, many Insurance Companies prefer to use CCC Information Services ("CCC"). Why, you wonder? For starters, CCC has contracts with many insurance companies, including Nationwide, Geico, Allstate, etc. CCC has grabbed a large market share of business from the Insurance Companies by saving them money on claims translating into lower average claim payouts for policyholders.  CCC gives a valuation report sometimes called "CCC Valuescope" Report. Make sure you ask the Adjuster for the written report. If you don't understand the information, ask the adjuster and consider checking with a licensed auto appraiser. A correct settlement often means that you are entitled to thousands of dollars more plus tax, tag and title fees.  

If you get a valuation that looks like the photo below, there is good chance thousands of dollars are being shorted on the TRUE retail valuation of your vehicle:

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