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What is Diminished Value & What Does DVAC Have to Offer YOU?

What is diminished value? Generally, speaking, it is the loss of resale value due to the fact that the vehicle has been in an at fault accident. You are entitled to recover this loss of value with a diminished value settlement from the at fault insurance company. The key to a successful settlement is a fair; licensed diminished value appraisal from an objective, impartial third-party appraiser. DVAC deliverable includes: CARFAX History and Market Reports in addition to vAuto.  

DVAC offers a free evaluation of your diminished value case. Together, we can determine whether your claim for diminished value is worth pursuing. If the evaluation is favorable and you wish to proceed, the full appraisal report can be in your hands within two to three hours, and you can pursue your claim for your vehicle's diminished value.

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