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Total Loss Appraisal

Often times insurance companies will make lowball offers on your totaled vehicle and many consumers think you have no recourse. That is precisely where DVAC can help! There is likely a significant difference between what your insurance company is offering, and the fair market value of your vehicle! We can help you reach the settlement that you're entitled to. 

Call our Diminished Value Appraisal Claim experts now!

It is usually in your best interest to obtain your own independent appraisal when negotiating a settlement with your insurance company. Often times, large insurance companies utilize automated appraisal generators that simply cannot take your situation into consideration the way a live person can.

We can ensure that all factors are taken into consideration and will look out for your best interest.

 If you have been offered an insurance settlement that you feel is unfair, we can help you recover what you are owed

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We’ll work diligently on your behalf to generate a fair vehicle appraisal and help you recoup the value of your automobile

Get A Diminished Value / Total Loss Claim Consultation from one of our Licensed Appraisers

Our Licensed Diminished Value Appraisers provide you with personalized up-to-date information regarding your diminished value claim. We will make sure you understand the procedure and what possible compensation is owed to you.


Your Personal Consultation will address the following:

– A comprehensive review of repair costs and estimates.

– An objective determination of whether your vehicle qualifies for diminished value or qualifies for a total loss settlement.

– An approximate range of compensation you may be paid for your loss.


Call DVAC at 877-879-0101

For a FREE consultation

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